Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do touch up from other artists?

Answer : The touch up from someone else’s work is actually more work than a new procedure. Its basically trying to perfect someone else signature and perfectly match the ink for that colour. They are custom made.

All clients with old brows tattoo / microbladed are required to come in for a consultation. If your brows is workable. We will take you in as new clients. Regular rates will apply

Can you microblade over scars?

Answer: No we cant. Scar tissue is not skin. Shading technique through a scar only. Microblading won't hold

Can I get it done while I am pregnant or breast feeding?

Answer: Unfortunately, No

  • If you get an infection you may need antibiotics and that can compromise the health of the baby as your body and immune system is already working hard to grow a life and does need the extra burden of trying to fight an infection.

  • Blood borne diseases, tattoo products aren't tested in pregnancy/nursing 

  • Our insurance will not cover this procedure

  • There are no studies to say wether or not a tattoo or cosmetic tattoo cross the placenta barrier and can have potential risks to baby and it's not worth the risk over vanity.

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